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Posted by DJBOSSKILLER - September 7th, 2017

It is coming.

The night is here and so is he.  

It is not a man it is a monster.

And his only friend is the Grim Reaper.

He walks on the fine line between the two worlds.

He does not belong to this place he is only here to collect.

Only one man has ever seen his face.

And I am that man...   


Posted by DJBOSSKILLER - February 12th, 2016

In a house on a hill in hidden ville is a man he was born in the house but that's not where it all starts. his grandfather was a farmer who had made enough money from his crops to buy a little bit  of land for a family house to be built so he bought a vacant lot on a hill. the farmer with the help of some skilled carpenters made the house with wood from trees from the nearby forest that locals call freeman forest. after the house was built the family moved into their new home. the farmer told his kids that the house was made just for them and that after he and their mother was gone they should not sell the house  to anyone. so the oldest of the children told his father that he would never let his siblings sell the house for as long as he was around. so his father said “remember to keep the promise”.

Decades after his parents were gone the boy became a man and kept his promise he made to his father. he never allowed his siblings to sell the house. he even stayed at the house and started a family of his own. and he told his kids what his father had told him when he was a kid. do not sell the house after I and your mother are gone. his daughter said “give the house to timmy he will never want to move out of his home”. so the father said “ timmy this house belongs to you so when you get older and have a family of your own you can live here  and pass the house on to your kids”. timmy said “okey dokey daddy I will keep this house I promise ”. the father said “remember to keep the promise”.

Timmy never moved out of the house and kept his promise he made to his father. timmy is not the kind of man you will see at a party he is not a outgoing person. but for some reason every person that meets this man seems to like him. he spends most of his time in his house and only goes out to work on his grandfather's farm harvesting crops with his siblings and their friends. timmy's neighbours say he is a very quiet person. If you did not know him you would think it’s odd for a man to live alone. but to him it’s just the way he prefers to live his life. he has tried to be social but it’s not as easy as it looks you see in  hidden ville most people  don’t find talking to a farmer interesting. so they mostly ignore timmy when he starts talking  about farms and cows and pigs and corn. when he is not talking about the life of a farmer he is talking about his love for fishing. and he loves to fish at george lake. on his off time timmy sometimes gose hiking in the freeman forest. timmy made a home somewhere in the forest. but you can only find it if timmy shows you where it is located. timmys sister suzanne with the help of her friends try to keep timmy as active as possible so he does not spend the rest of his life just working and fishing.

Timmy is the youngest of five so he has always been treated like a baby by his older siblings. All of timmys siblings have kids of there own so timmy is the last of his siblings to have kids. he has not fond a woman with anything incommon with him. so timmy may never have kids untile he can  find a woman he can be with. timmy is a independent man who does not like leting people do things for him that he can do on his own. his big brothers bob and morgan are always trying to take over when timmy has to do something on the farm so timmy always has to remind his siblings that he is not a little kid anymore and that he knows what he is doing. his  sisters suzanne and rachel are always trying to make timmy go on dates with their younger friends but timmy does not like going on dates with them because they always try to make him do all the talking. timmy wants a woman who is as smart and independent as he is. and he hopes she will like fishing just as much as he does.

Well one day a woman and her family moved to the town. and she moves in a house that is nearby the house on the hill. she is from a place known as fox hills. it is a hunter's state. she is a young woman in search for a new start she is a friendly person who is very social and makes friends very easy. so one day she meets the man who lives on the hill. and asks him about the town. she says to him“Hello my name is sarah. your the man who lives on the hill right?’ he says “yes I am my name is timmy”. and sarah says “nice to meet you timmy. so since you have a bird's eye view of the town  do you know any  good places to go to have a good time?”.  he replies by saying “I am not one to seek the company of others.  but I do know a really good place if you like fishing”. she sees that he is opening up to her so she asks him “what kind of fish do you have in this town?”. to which he replies  “all kinds of fish. even fish that are as big as people. one time I even caught a fish with a corn cob the fish was five feet long”.  and sarah says “oh wow. if i ever caught a fish  that big i would  share the meat with my family and we would eat it for breakfast lunch and dinner”.

The next day the woman goes up the hill to visit Timmy. when she finally gets to his house she notices  an odd looking scarecrow which has no head but just a body. “that looks like a real human body”. she says to herself. She get curious so she touches the scarecrow and as she touches it she hears a voice from behind her. “Hey what are you doing to tom?”. as she turns around she sees a person from the town.“why do you call it tom?”  she asks the person. to which the person replies “that’s the name we call him tom the scarecrow”. the person says “if he gets back home and sees you touching his scarecrow he will be upset”. “who will be upset?”. and the person says “the man who lives in the house that’s who”. she replies “oh timmy why would timmy be upset if i touched  his scarecrow? ”to which the person says the last time timmy was not home some people came to his house and cut the head off of the scarecrow as a joke. but timmy did not find it funny at all  so timmy had to put up a new scarecrow. but for some reason he never moved this one. i believe he  likes this scarecrow that might be why it's still here. and he even gave it a name he calls it tom the scarecrow and ever since that day he has been looking for tom's head but has yet to find it”. the person also says”if he came home and saw you he would think you were trying to take tom away from him. and he would not be pleased. so if i were you i would keep my hands to myself”. she asks the  person “who are you? and how do you know all of this?” to which the person replies”I am just the kind of person who knows everything in this town. and my name doesn't realy matter”. before she can ask the person anything else the person walks away.  

after a strange conversation with an unknown person sarah  goes to timmy’s front door and waits there for a while to see if timmy will come home. an hour passes and sarah sees a red truck coming up the hill. the windows on the truck are dark so it's hard for her to see who is driving. as the red truck gets closer it starts to slow down until it reaches a full stop just ten feet away from the house. as the truck door opens a man comes out but it's not timmy. as the man approaches he says to sarah “the name is bob. what's your name  pretty lady? ”. my name is sarah nice to meet you bob. bob says “so what are you doing up here all by yourself sarah?”. to which sarah replies “just waiting for timmy”. bob says “timmy is at work” and he will not be back home for the next five hours. so maybe you should come back tomorrow thats his day off so he should be home than. before sarah leaves she asks bob how do you know when his day off is? to which bob replies by saying “I am timmys older brother he has to tell me everything no matter what”. to which she replies “oh okay i did not know any of his family members yet. well i hope we can get to know each other i really would like to know more about timmy” and bob says “well the best way to know about timmy is to ask timmy and if he does  not tell you anything i well try to help you know more about him”.

to be continued.....